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Newborn Baby & Family Photo Shoot At Home In Forest Hill

Mother With Her Two Babies

I had photographed this family before when their eldest son was three months old. They now had a newborn baby girl and her big brother was super proud and affectionate.

We began the session with some sibling photos.

Big Brother With His Baby Sister

It wasn't long before this toddler got very excited, so we moved onto some family photos. Always fun with lively toddlers!

Family Portrait With Newborn Baby
Toddler Taking Centre Stage!
Where's Is Baby's Nose?
Daddy With Children
Kisses For Baby Sister

We also captured some photos of the newborn baby girl with mummy and daddy.

Portrait With Newborn Baby
Daddy With Newborn Baby
Mother & Baby

It was now time for some photos of this newborn baby girl by herself. For these we did a mixture of natural and more posed photos.

Newborn Baby In Wooden Bowl
Newborn Baby In Basket
Newborn Baby Girl In Wooden Root Bowl
Newborn Baby In Floral Wreath
Sleeping Baby

This also gave us the opportunity to get some close up details.

Close Up On Baby's Face
Baby's Fingers
Close Up On Baby's Feet
Baby's Feet

And some final shots with mummy and daddy.

Mamma's Kiss
Baby Nose To Nose With Daddy
Our Beautiful Baby Girl


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