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Underground Tunnel For Maternity Photo Shoot - Clapham

Unusual location for maternity photo shoot

I was so excited when my clients said that they would like to do their maternity photo shoot in the underground tunnels at Growing Underground in Clapham. It is like a rabbit warren down there and we were thirty metres under the streets of Clapham with the regular thundering noise of the tube line above us. Such a fantastic and unusual location for a pregnancy session.

We started with a wide shot and mum-to-be in a beautiful, flowery dress.

Pregnancy photo session in underground tunnel

A change of dress and a different angle.

Urban maternity photography
Bump photography in tunnel
Twirling underground

The industrial panels of the tunnel gave me the opportunity to play around with lights and lighting gels.

Bump photo in tunnel
Soft lace in contrast to industrial location
Bump in urban environment
Unconventional maternity photography
Industrial-feel maternity photography

The lacy dress contrasted beautifully with industrial nuts and bolts of the tunnel panels behind.

It was time to play with the wind machine that was also down there.

I can fly

We briefly got daddy-to-be's hand in for a more classic maternity bump shot.

I love bump

I could have spent so much longer down there playing with different ideas, but we had to leave and just got one final shot - a very classic, wide portrait with mum-to-be in her jeans and top seated in the tunnel.

Maternity Photographer - Clapham, South West London, SW4


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