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Newborn Baby & Family Photographer - Leytonstone

Newborn Baby Photography

I had been recommended to this family by another client. So I made my way out to Leytonstone where I was greeted by this warm family, where all the grandparents seemed to have everything firmly under control and helping out the new mum and dad.

They wanted very natural photos, with a more documentary style of baby and family photos, obviously including the grandparents.

We planned to start with this newborn baby boy and although we only got a few photos, he was somewhat unsettled.

Newborn Baby Photography
Newborn Baby Boy
New Baby With Parents
Baby Peeking Over Mummy's Shoulder
Baby In Daddy's Arms
Baby Photography
Comforting Baby
Daddy & Baby Nose To Nose
Baby Feet

As this baby still wasn't settling we let experienced midwife grandma take over!

Baby Over Grandma's Shoulder
Grandma With Baby

Having settled a little, we did a few family portrait photos.

Family Portrait With Newborn Baby
Grandma Sooting Newborn Baby
Baby Cosy On Grandpa's Shoulder
Grandma Soothing Baby

Finally sleeping, we were able to get some more baby photos and family photos with mummy and daddy.

Sleeping Newborn Baby
Family Portrait With Newborn Baby
Baby In Mother's Arms

And we can't miss out the family pet - the cat!

Pet Cat

Newborn Baby, Family & Pet Photographer - Leytonstone, East London, E11

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